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We can provide a team of "Happy Haulers" to help.
We offer weekend services.
We are committed to up-front pricing.
Tip: Ask others
Check with your family, friends, and neighbors if they want any of your items. You will be surprised at what they may want!
Tip: Sort by type of trash bag
When sorting, put all trash in a heavy duty trash bag. This helps in identifying trash over items that will be kept. This way, precious and keep-sake items will not be thrown out.
Tip: Check with township
Check with your local township or borough to see if a permit is needed for the rental of the dumpster especially if the dumpster will be placed in an on-street parking spot.
Tip: Consider local donation
Utilize local donation and charity centers if possible. What you consider trash, people in need might consider valuable.

Mr. Hauler is your full service junk removal and dumpster service company. Because we offer both services, we can provide the service that fits your needs and budget. We are not a dumpster company pushing only our dumpster service. We are not a junk removal company pushing only our junk removal services. We are a local removal company that will offer a service that is best for you. What service is best for you? Please call and we will collectively figure that out.